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I am a Hubble Einstein Fellow at Carnegie Observatories. I was previously a postdoc at Berkeley/LBL as a joint TAC and ECP fellow. I received my Ph.D from Princeton University, studying core-collapse supernovae theory through multi-dimensional simulations.

My research interests probe the role of both large-scale and small-scale effects, from rotation to neutrino-matter microphysics, to better understand these Titans of Nature.

SN1987a, Hubble Space Telescope

I am also part of the SciDac4 collaboration to utilize exascale computation with existing astrophysical codes. 

My publications are available at the ADS Library.

 Crab Nebula (HST), documented
in 1054 AD by the Song dynasty
Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 12.10.16
3D snapshot of a supernova simulation by FORNAX at early (left) and late (right) times

My CV can be found here.


My publications at ADS, Google Scholar.

I can be contacted via email at

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